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Agents of Change Social Work Test Prep

This course is designed for social workers who are preparing for the ASWB Masters (LMSW) and Clinical (LCSW) licensing exams.

Agents of Change will help you prepare to PASS your licensing exam and level up your career. With over 30 hours of visual and audio content, mock practice questions, test-taking tips, and strategies to break down and synthesize exam content, you will be prepared and confident to tackle your exam on test day!

1000's of Social Workers just like you have used these materials to PASS their licensing exams. Are you ready to be next?

Meagan Mitchell, LCSW

Meet Your Instructor

Welcome! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and know from first-hand experience how overwhelming the process of preparing for the licensing exam can be. Agents of Change is here to help!

Education and teaching are deep-seated passions in my life. In addition to my MSW I also hold a Masters in Education (MEd). I have a deep understanding of the science behind learning and strive to find ways to connect and engage with a variety of learning styles.

I have created engaging audio and visual lessons to help you prepare for the ASWB exams and feel confident on test day! I look forward to partnering with you on your journey towards licensure.
Meagan Mitchell
  • 01

    Getting Started: Studying for Success

  • 02

    Strategy: Approaching and Examining Practice Questions

    • Breaking Down Questions

    • Breaking Down Questions Practice Questions

    • Approaching Questions - The 5 W's

  • 03

    Unit 1: Human Development, Diversity and Behavior in the Environment

    • Developmental Theories: Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg

    • Developmental Theories Practice Questions

    • Erikson's Psychosocial Stages

    • Safety and Abuse

    • Safety and Abuse Practice Questions

    • Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect: Signs and Symptoms

    • Understanding Elder Abuse

    • Defense Mechanisms

    • Defense Mechanisms Practice Questions

    • Substance Abuse and Addiction

    • Substance Abuse and Addiction Practice Questions

    • Working with LGBTQ+ Clients

    • Bonus: Freud's Psychosexual Stages

  • 04

    Unit 2: Assessment and Intervention Planning

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment

    • Risk Assessment

    • Mandated Reporting

    • DSM 5

    • DSM 5 Practice Questions

    • DSM 5 Case Vignettes

    • Medications

    • Bonus: The Social Work Helping Process

    • Bonus: Personality Disorders

    • Bonus: Reliability vs. Validity

    • Bonus: Stages of Change

    • Bonus: Setting Specific Social Work

  • 05

    Unit 3: Interventions with Clients and Client Systems (Micro, Mezzo, Macro)

    • Micro, Mezzo, Macro Social Work

    • Therapy Theories

    • Therapy Theories Questions

    • Group and Family Therapy Work

    • Community Social Work

    • Community Social Work Practice Questions

    • Community Organizing and Community Development

    • Program Evaluation

    • Types of Prevention

    • Problem Solving Model

    • Agency Administration

  • 06

    Unit 4: Professional Ethics and Ethical Decision Making

    • Code of Ethics

    • Code of Ethics Practice Questions

    • Social Work Ethical Principles

    • Clinical Supervision

    • Confidentiality

    • Subpoenas and Court Orders

    • Bonus: Termination

    • Bonus: Transference vs. Countertransference

  • 07

    Practice Questions and Rationales

    • 75 Question Practice Test

    • Answers and Rationales - 75 Question Practice Test

    • Bonus: Practice Questions 1

    • Bonus: Practice Questions 2

    • Bonus: Practice Questions 3

    • Bonus: Practice Questions 4

  • 08

    LIVE Study Group Sessions

    • LIVE Study Group Sessions

    • Past Study Groups

  • 09

    FINAL STEP: Course Completion Checklist

    • Agents of Change Course Completion Checklist

  • 10

    Bonus: Audio Files

    • Substance Abuse and Addiction Questions

    • Confidentiality

    • Risk Assessment

    • Therapy Theories Questions

    • Developmental Theories Questions

    • Stages of Change

    • DSM 5 Practice Questions

    • Micro, Mezzo, Macro

    • Critical Thinking Skills

    • Breaking Down Questions - Practice Questions

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment

    • Ethics

    • Working With LGBTQ+ Populations

    • Breaking Down Questions

    • Clinical Supervision

    • Mandated Reporting

    • Community Based Social Work

    • Back to Basics

  • 11

    Technical Support and FAQs

    • Technical Support and FAQs

Why Agents of Change?

Level Up Your Studying

  • Realistic Practice
    Avoid surprises and go in prepared! Agents of Change focuses on concise and real-life explanations of key topics. Mock practice questions and rationales are provided and explained in detail throughout.

  • Quality Resources
    High-quality content without the high price tag! The licensing process can be costly. Agents of Change is committed to providing high-quality content at a reasonable price.

  • Organized Studying
    Take the guesswork out of studying! Agents of Change has an easy-to-follow study plan that aligns with the ASWB licensing content outline and KSA targets. Study materials are available for download which makes studying on the go seamless.


What others say about the course

“Meagan’s detailed explanations and visual teaching approach for the basic subjects were the perfect study guide for the LMSW exam! Several of the examples given mimicked the licensure exam, making me feel comfortable with the testing process and my knowledge level.”

“Studying for the LCSW exam is hard enough but it’s terrifying when you learn differently. I have dyslexia and I learn better using all my senses. I found “Agents of Change” on YouTube one day and it changed the way I studied. I found that listening, reading and watching Meagan Mitchell explain the social work content allowed me to absorb the information. I passed my test on the first try. I highly recommend “Agents of Change!”

“Meagan Mitchell is a master instructor who weaves different learning styles to meet students’ individual needs. Having taken both the LMSW and LCSW exams, I can affirm that Agents of Change Social Work Test Prep is a perfect fit for all ASWB exam takers. Purchasing and using the ASWB Exam Prep Premium Package gave me the confidence and skills to pass my exam even under the heightened stress with the pandemic. ”

Premium Package Includes

  • Audio + Visual Content

    Agents of Change is designed to support all learning styles. Each topic includes engaging videos and visual slides. With your purchase, you also get access to on-the-go audio resources.

  • 100's of Mock Practice Questions

    Build your test-day confidence with 100's of mock practice questions, video walkthroughs, and comprehensive rationales. Agents of Change will help you get comfortable with the language of the exam.

  • Monthly Study Groups

    Each month, you'll be invited to 2 LIVE and interactive study groups on key ASWB topics. This is an added bonus and offers a way to connect with a community of learners. You'll also get access to more than 10 past recorded study groups when you join.

Pricing options

Limited-Time Launch Price ($200 Value)

Let's Get Your Team Licensed!

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  • How much time should I expect to spend on the program?

    Typical students take 3-5 weeks to complete the Agents of Change lessons and we recommend reviewing the materials at least 2 times. To get the most out of the program, you should expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on this program’s material and utilize additional study resources as well.

  • Will I have access to the material after the course is over?

    Yes, you will have access to the materials for 1 year. And even better, you’ll continue to get updates to the course as we continue to update it and add new content!

  • Will this guarantee I pass the ASWB exam?

    While these resources provide you strong exposure to key topics on the ASWB exams, they are intended to be a supplement to other materials and additional studying done independently. Completing these materials from Agents of Change does not guarantee a passing score on the actual ASWB exam.

  • How can I contact Agents of Change with a question?

    You can contact us at contact@topsocialworktestprep.com

  • Do you offer individual tutoring?

    Unfortunately, individual tutoring is not offered at this time. My focus is on creating high-quality content and dedicating my attention to monthly study groups. However, when you purchase the Agents of Change course, you get access to 2 live study groups per month, where you can ask specific questions!

  • Is this program tailored to specific state exams?

    No, the Masters and Clinical ASWB exams are national exams. The content is the same nationally and does not vary from state to state.

  • Is this program appropriate for the Masters and the Clinical ASWB exams?

    The Agents of Change materials are designed to be used for either the Masters or Clinical level exams. Thousands of students have passed each exam using the AOC materials.

  • How many students have used Agents of Change?

    Thousands of students have passed their Masters and Clinical exams using the Agents of Change materials!

  • How often are the study groups?

    With your course purchase, you'll have access to 2 LIVE study groups per month. In these study groups, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Meagan. Additionally, you'll receive access to more than 10 past study groups (recordings + materials)!

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